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The way my brain works...

It's 8:44pm and I've only just started writing today's post because procrastination lives within me.I've been trying to shake this demon off, but like the smell of garlic it just won't shift!!!!

Luckily, I had a few things I've wanted to get off my chest. Speaking of which, I've had a tight chest for some days now and it's probably anxiety related but writing definitely loosens it so I'm glad I started this.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about how my brain works. We were sat in the kitchen about an hour ago and my Dad mentioned that it's only been 3 days of lockdown. It honestly feels like it's been FOREVER!!!!! I instantly replied we have 6 more rounds of this.

See my brain always breaks things down to smaller 'portions'. Things I can hack easier. You see a 30 minute run on the treadmill is 10 lots of 3 minute runs. When I'm driving all the way from East London, I break the 45 minute drive down to nine lots of five minutes.

(Although if I'm showering, I will spend 4-6 songs in the shower)

There's a word for this, I'm sure... but I don't know it (shout me if you do). I do know, however, that it 100% alleviates my anxiety. I'm able to cope with these smaller fractions of things and I'm therefore less overwhelmed.

I wouldn't say this is a unique way of thinking, but it is definitely not common. It's only this way with numbers. Or maybe i'm only able to articulate the way it is with numbers. When it comes to words... I know the vocabulary, but my brain forgets it mostly. So half the time I feel like I read like I'm writing for the teen me.

That's just my brain for you. What weird things does your brain do to make things more palatable?


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