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Writing good notes

ToniVerse Workshops are a great chance to do something fun and different. From incorporating poetry writing into the curriculum, to an emotionally charged date night, the workshops explore inner feelings and emotions and produce personalised art for individual and/or group benefit. 

I started these workshops because I knew how much writing poems impacted my life. I used to hide everything I was thinking and feeling inside me and I knew that was unhealthy. I knew I was a few emotions away from a breakdown and I decided to say it all out on paper - but hide it in words. Concealed revelations I called them. My darkest thoughts, deepest pains, happiest moments, guilty pleasure and secret desires, all laid out bare - but masked in smilies, personification, metaphors and other literary devices. It was brilliant... and still is. I learnt to tell it all - so beautifully. 


As my mental health journey faced highs and lows, I still kept writing through it all - the more I wrote - the less secretive I became and the more people connected with my work. The more I got messages about lines resonating with others, feelings being evoked and tears being cried from reading MY poetry. I realised that even those that don't 'understand' poetry, found something to connect with or identify with in my words. It made me think - if these are my stories - what about all the other stories out there. For the people who felt mentally isolated, physically alone or socially forgotten - there were unspoken words in unwritten poems and I just had to guide people to write them. 

From theme of self love to feminism, workshops have taken shape to express various views, beliefs and more - they've been a chance for introspection and retrospection and ultimately a self declaration. I love to connect people with their inner creative and their deepest emotions and these workshops give me just the chance to do that - with so many additional benefits. So click below to find out more about various workshops and which ones suit your interest. I'm just a booking form away. 

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