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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter
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Hello, I'm Toni, a professional voiceover artist based in London.  My 13 years in poetry, 2 years in podcasting, and professional voiceover training have given me the skills to deliver a range of unique and authentic voices to any project.


I'm a Black British voice actor, who I specialises in regional accents including West London, South London, British Nigerian, and Authentic Nigerian.  

My experience in voiceover work and appearances on several music artist projects have given me a deep understanding of how to inject personality and emotion into my voice work.

I have a home studio set up that features the following equipment:
1)  Rode NT1 Microphone
2) Scarlett solo audio interface
3) Macbook Pro (2020)

4) A quiet space (Most importantly

With this set up I am able to work remotely and deliver high-quality audio files to clients worldwide.


So if you're looking for a voiceover artist to bring your project to life, let's chat!

In the meantime, why not check out my voice reels below. 


Notional take for giffgaf, BBC, Halifax, Bumble, Reebok and Channel 4..gif


Commercial Reel

00:00 / 01:16

This voice reel features a range of captivating voices and accents, perfect for any commercial project. With dynamic reads ranging from fun and playful to serious and mysterious, and accents including British, Black British, British Nigerian, and Nigerian, there's a voice for every brand and every audience.

Notional take for giffgaf, BBC, Halifax, Bumble, Reebok and Channel 4.


Narrative Reel

00:00 / 01:00

This narrative voice reel features captivating voices and styles for documentary narration and book reads. With emotive performances, engaging documentary narration, and a sample read from "All about Grief" by Chimamanda N. Adichie, this reel showcases the power of voice to inspire. Perfect for documentaries or audiobook projects, this reel offers versatile voice performances to bring your project to life.

Narrative reel.gif
poetry reel.gif


Poetry Samples

00:00 / 01:21

This poetry reel features original poetry pieces written by myself. The pieces showcases various tones and moods and highlight my ability to add a poetic touch adding a flair of creativity to your project. You can hear a range of tones and accents too. 

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