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About ToniVerse

Who IS ToniVerse? 
I am Toni, a published poet - THUS - ToniVerse. Although ToniVerse represents my poetic nature, its double entendre also extends to my universe, my world. A world in which EVERYONE has a voice. I seek to help everyone find AND use their voice through creative mediums and expressions through cathartic poetry workshops in schools, organisations and independently.

In ToniVerse, empowerment is at the forefront of everything I do, and I believe that every person has a gift within them, and that gift is their voice, their way of expression. Through my words, I aim to encourage individuals to use their gift and speak with their voices.
I will join you in speaking, and together we will be one voice - that's why ToniVerse is a 'WE', I'm not alone in this... we're ALL on this journey together. Yes, you and me - we make up the strong voices - we make up a world - WE make up ToniVerse! 

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