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ToniVerse offers workshops as team bonding exercises to corporations. Be it a new team or existing team, poetry workshops are a great way for teams to work together outside an official task. This fun and collaborative workshop is designed to help employees focus on communication, expression, presentation and time management.


Participants are split into groups and given a theme (this is usually in line with the organisations values, but can also be selected by the organisation). They are given worksheets specifically designed to the theme selected and are presented with tasks that promote interaction and communication .


Each section is timed to encourage time management. At the end of the workshop, participants deliver their poems to the group or the poems can be used by the organisation. In organisations where teams are small, the task will be carried out individually, but the workshop will still require communication with others to complete.

Workshops can be booked in line with non-corporate days of acknowledgement in which organisations may wish to honour  or extend recognition to employees. Such events will take charge as the theme for workshops and will serve as an opportunity to integrate, educate across different causes. 


Such events / themes include: Black History Month, Cancer Awareness, international Women’s Day/Women’s History Month, Movember etc. 


  • Workshops encourage employees to contribute to the task, thus reinforcing workplace responsibilities. It also allows colleagues develop trust as they learn each others capabilities leading to efficient collaboration. 

  • Workshops boosts confidence in personal abilities and in their colleague's abilities. This gives staff the courage to express new ideas and relate with each other to efficiently produce new output. 

  • Workshops encourage staff to communicate with each other to complete tasks.  By putting people in a fun and interactive environment outside work tasks, staff are encouraged to relax and interact with one another. Better communication and collaboration will have a positive knock-on effect on productivity levels. By working together on a common goal, duplication of work is decreased.

  • Workshops encourage staff to think and get creative while writing their poems. Encouraging the workforce to be creative and use their initiative can have amazing effects on an organisation as staff will feel trusted to think outside the box and find solutions to potential problems.

  • Builds communication and teamwork skills in employees. 

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