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ToniVerse offers personalised workshops for various special occasions and events. Participants are invited to write poems dedicated to a person, cause or theme of their choice about love or friendship, or any selected theme to celebrate n line with the occasion. 

Customised workshops will incorporate games, and activities to suit the events.

Respecting the intimacy and private nature of personalised events, worksheets are curated for the specifically for the event and are personalised through a consultation session prior to the event. Participants are welcome to collate the poems and later gift them to the celebrant in question. Participants can also perform poems AT the event for increased variety. 

Events include: 

- Birthdays

- Bridal Shower 

- Baby Shower 

- Leaving Party etc


  • Unique and personalised events for special occasions. Workshops are extremely flexible and can be customised to fit the themes and needs of events.

  • Workshops can be very intimate and personal - thereby providing a very special event for participants.

  • Workshops encourage participants of all ages to get involved. There's no age group that workshops cannot be tailored to.

  • Workshops produce sentimental products that serve as lifetime memorabilia.

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