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ToniVerse at different schools

ToniVerse offers transformative, collaborative workshops for young writers to explore emotions through poetry. Our sessions empower children and teachers with creative techniques, fostering confidence and producing meaningful work. We focus on the power of sound, crafting descriptive poems that tell unique stories. These workshops cultivate creativity, providing a valuable skill set for young minds. Join us for engaging, empowering sessions that unleash creativity in a supportive environment



                 Helps students expand their vocabulary. 

       ​​           Encourages further understanding and use of literary devices. e.g.                    similes, metaphors, hyperbole etc.

​                          Boosts confidence in public speaking.



                         Encourages understanding of various emotions. 



                Development of rhythm - key for those interested in subjects like                      music, dance and other arts.


               Achievement - something that they can all be proud of.

Toni was great and the kids really engaged with her.  I wasn't there for the end of the workshop but Raina Omar who was the teacher in charge has recorded some of the poems they wrote- they were fantastic apparently.


I'd definitely have her back! 


Jo Silwa, Abraham Moss

"it’s never easy when faced with a large, echoey hall, especially with 60 kids, but Toni got them interested from the offset and they produced some great poems. "

Helen Poole, Ideas Foundation

“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

Jonathan Jacobs, Global Academy

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