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ToniVerse offers cathartic and creative sessions, in which participants are invited to explore emotions and themes and produce creative output in the form of poetry. These fun, collaborative and exciting workshops are designed to help young people to engage with a new form of writing, explore their creative ideas and experiment with performance.


Writing and performing high quality poetry is a valuable skill well within reach of all children. The workshops can be a fantastic opportunity for children and teachers alike to experience new ideas and techniques empowering them with the confidence and knowledge to produce their own worthwhile work.


Realising the power of “sound”, they’ll design and perform two contrasting soundscapes, working to topics/themes of your choice. I’ll then guide them through a structure supporting them in crafting richly descriptive poems that tell both individual and collective stories. Creativity is a skill not to go unrecognised and should be cultivated in children as early as possible and theres workshops allow children embrace their inner creativity and express themselves.


  • Poetry helps students expand their vocabulary. In learning and using new words, students boost the quality of their writing and their speech ability.

  • Poetry encourages further understanding and use of literary devices. Children will learn to greater command similes, metaphors, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, alliteration etc (dependent on their education level) to use in creative expression.

  • Poetry boosts confidence in public speaking. The excitement to share work created encourages children to speak in front of one another thereby developing speaking skills.

  • As poems vary in topic and themes, poetry encourages understanding of various emotions. Through tone and language children will be able to identify and apply both to subjects in question.

  • Poetry is very individualistic. Each student will approach a theme differently and poetry presents an avenue for students to indulge in self-expression.

  • Development of rhythm - helpful for those students who are particularly interested in subjects like music, dance and other arts.

  • Achievement. Students will be able to create a piece of poetry either together or individually. This accomplishment is something that they can all be proud of.

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