A taste of shame

Tara pulled her keys out of her bag and began to slow down. She placed the key between her fingers as he approached her. She could hear his muffled voice muttering, but couldn't quite make out what he was saying. In all fairness, she didn't care about what he was saying. She was on edge, and she had to stay guarded.

What happened in the next few seconds was far beyond the multiple scenarios that had come up in Tara's head. So when Tara found herself sat by the hospital bed of this stranger, she began to wonder, was she really supposed to leave her house today?

'Miss Tara Oloo-bah-'

'Olubanjo. Yes?'

'Miss Tara?'

'Miss Olubanjo'

Tara rolled her eyes at herself internally. Now was NOT the time to fight for her name to be said correctly, especially NOT with the police. But when was the time? She asked herself? As she began to debate the matter in her head, she realised the police officer was actually speaking to her.

'I'm sorry, what was that?' she jolted back to reality

'I said I'd like to ask you a couple questions about Mr. Thomas-Balogun.

'Great he's Nigerian' Tara muttered.

'Pardon?' the Police officer asked.

'Oh nothing' Tara replied 'You have questions...' she beckoned the officer to continue.

'What is your relationship with Mr Thomas-Balogun?' the officer asked.

'I don't know him' she replied

'And why did you attack him?'

'It wasn't an attack per se. He grabbed my arm and I didn't realise he'd been hurt. I thought he was going to hurt me so I started to defend myself. I realised he was bleeding heavily and I thought it was me that did it till I saw the broken bottle.' Tara explained

'And then what did you do?'

'I called 999, put pressure on the wound, gave him water and waited till the ambulance came.'

'And where you on your way home?' the officer asked?


'Where do you live Miss Tara?'

'Miss Olubanjo... and I live in Pimlico' Tara irritatingly responded

'So what were you doing in Islington?'

'Shit!' Tara thought as she blinked at the police officer.

'Visiting a friend' she replied.

'Can I get the name of this friend?'

'Does it matter?' she replied?

'We may need to verify your story'