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Okay is actually good.

'How ARE you?'

'I'm okay...'

You say 'okay' as if that's a bad thing.

In a catch up call with a friend the other day, we shared life updates, but after that we asked each other 'but how ARE you?' One of us replied 'I'm okay - with all sincerity' and we both realised how okay is good.

You see, too often we're chasing the feeling of good, great, awesome - so when okay comes, it feels a little underwhelming. Like we aren't living. We don't even embrace the 'okay' in us. We just push it to the side and continue seeking better than okay.

I've found too often, I've had less than okay days - and not nearly a quarter of better than okay days. But because I either dwell in the former or chase the latter, I have overlooked the days I've been okay. Like today. I've worked, eaten, cleaned, caught up with a friend, worked and now I'm here typing. I'm neither stressed nor overworked, but I'm not exhilarated or stoked either. I'm just okay.

Life is supposed to be okay. If you spend life chasing a high, your normals will feel like come downs and end up being shit. You won't be able to tell the difference.

Worst of all, if we use 'okay' to conceal our actual stresses and worries - we'll forever run from being okay. Okay has taken on the burden of meaning and unspoken 'I'm losing my shit but I'm going to keep acting like I've got this.'. It's no wonder no one likes to declare themselves as 'okay' - because we've all hidden behind that.

Let's get used to, let's embrace and let's make the most of being okay. Because when we're not okay - we can lean into the days that were better than okay, and if we can't find them - we'll have a depository of okay days. We'll tap into the normality of life. We'll dig deep into the simpleness of meals and Netflix. We won't feel guilty about merely existing and being human - because that's what we are... that's who we are.

And there will be days we're super human, and there will be days we're shadows of ourselves - but in each version, the human within us must exist - so our okay deserves to be honoured more.

So the next time someone asks 'How are you?' and your answer is 'I'm okay' - don't be exasperated by it, don't sound defeated... sound okay in your okay, because okay is actually good.


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