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D's Smile

My BFF had a baby (D) and it's been beautiful to see her journey into motherhood. I haven't spent as much time as I would have wanted with them both - but the times i have, the video calls and all have been moments I'll cherish because D has the most beautiful smile. It's one that light's up rooms. It's so warm. Every time I do get to see her - that smile is important to me.

I do silly things like singing Wizkid songs for her - but I've decided she's gonna be an Asake yout! Lol. I talk to her like she's my girl and echo her vocal expressions and this makes her smile too. I don't think it's complex to get a smile and what makes it even easier is that D is a soft babe.. she knows good things and her life is full of good things. She has amazing parents and an ever-loving community around her - she will continue to find smiles in the world, I'm sure of this.

One day, on FaceTime with my BFF and D, I made my Dad come say hi. My Dad is AMAZING with kids. I think because he had to be an adult so quickly he never really got to be a kid. So when he is around kids, he let's his inner kid out. Even at over 60, he'll refuse to shy away from a game of hide and seek with whoever brings their child to visit.

I think kids see his inner kid immediately they see him because that FaceTime was one of the first times I heard D's laugh. An angelic sound if I may. It was like she understood his child more than he did. Every time he graced the screen, she smiled and/or laughed. It was beautiful to see.

It then got me thinking.. where do babies learn to laugh?

I didn't bother googling this particular question because in this instance I wanted to write my own answer.

I wanted to come up with something that had a deeper meaning. When I do, I'll come back to it.. but in the meantime here is what I came up with.

Can you believe she said that about me?

And she giggled

Her laugh landed softly

Her laugh was soothing

Her laugh said

'Because she doesn't know you'

'I don't get why she would think that' her mum replied

I sighed

And she giggled

And the melody was ease

And the melody was peace

And the sound said

'Because she doesn't know you.'

'Why are you laughing' we asked her

And she laughed again

And we laughed.

And the laughter gently told us

There's love in those who know us

And that love is enough.


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