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Sentenced to love.

Recently I've been watching black movies on Netflix, I've watched The Brothers, Always a bridesmaid, Love Jacked, Think like a man and more. I love these movies so much because there's a strong essence of cultural relatability. Though the common theme of most of these films is someone finding love.

This means I have one unanswered question: What is love?

I have an almost 'who hurt you?' approach to love. I won't say I've been hurt, but I've been unsuccessful with love. Full transparency: my last love affair was blissful but short. It was cut abruptly if you ask me and I (still) can't tell you why.

Thinking back on my previous love interests, relationships, flings, situationships and more, I'm not sure I've ever been able to identify what love is. Hindsight has shown me that attraction, companionship, compatibility and other factors have been ever present but never love. Whenever I was supportive it was to appear as a supportive partner, accepting and compromising.I didn't care behind the true meaning of support - it was just to be present. I just haven't been able to identify 'love' so I had a few conversations with people I know - in relationships or not - asking them to define love in one sentence and here are some quotes:

'I understand love to be accepting flaws.'

'Love is never wanting to be on bad terms with someone not because I don't want to be seen as a bad person but because being on bad terms with is painful.'

'Fighting because we're passionate about understanding each other not to bring the other person, their points or views down.'

'Love is a string of intentional thoughts and actions'

'Love is a choice that must be decided on in every moment.'

'Love is trust, the ability to have implicit faith & confidence in the fact someone else has your back'

'Love keeps on giving. It doesn’t wait for the scale to balance.'

'Love is comfortable silences'

What does love mean to you? (One sentence)


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