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Lockdown, isolation, quarantine - however you refer to it all we know is that we're trapped indoors and it's taking it's toll on us. I honestly didn't think it was possible but I was becoming introverted and staying indoors with minimal dialogue looked more appealing.

Those of you who know me may find this shocking. Of the few people that have checked in on me - they've wondered how my extrovert self has been coping, how my busy bum was coping with sitting in one place. My response shocked them all - I'm actually okay. I don't know whether the expectation was for me to have broken down or broken lockdown but the truth is, I'm actually okay.

Of course I do miss outside sometimes, I do miss eating out and gymming and a lot of other things, but there's something about indoors that isn't chasing me away. Long story short anyway, I'm okay - for now. I may start to crumble and I will begin to look for things to occupy me but for now, I'm sharing a few things that have helped me keep sane in these times.

1. Writing

As promised to you all, I plan to write daily. It's not been as successful - but I've been pretty consistent with it and there's a lot of content for you to read now. Finding something new to write about is allowing me to think outside the lockdown. Yes we may not be allowed to travel - but my mind can. It's been wandering around memory lane (this is both good and bad), it's taken a trip to the future, it's explored the unknown, the impossible, the unconventional, the imaginative and more. Essentially writing has allowed me escape without moving. Aside from blogging, I've also ben journalling. Constant watch of my emotions over this time is pretty cool and I can't wait for reflective reading.

2. Socialising

I was late to the Houseparty - but it's not completely dead. While my experience with the app is pretty basic, I've heard of people making new friends, catching up with old friends and just generally catching a vibe (Oh and there's games night too). Though I've enjoyed the odd Zoom party, many a instalives and of course the viral challenges A personal fave of mine being the Don't rush. Whichever platform it is - just be mindful of what you're consuming. There's a lot of happy content yes - but there's also a lot of misinformation and negative content too. Be cautious.

3. Catch-ups

At the beginning of all this, I told myself I'd check in with at least one friend a day. I forgot, however, about the mental expenditure requires with certain people, and the ease of conversation with others. Long story short - I got burnout from catch up. LOOOOOL Now that I've found balance, it's not so stressful. I'm enjoying catch ups. I know which conversations require which mental spaces. I'm careful and deliberate in what we talk about and what I share. This means that the conversation are enjoyable.

4. Change/Something new

There's a pressure to acquire a new skill or knowledge or create something new, NOW. I don't necessarily agree with this pressure - but I do think this is a great opportunity to try something new. It doesn't necessarily mean learn how to code, or bake a wedding cake - but it means try a new dish or make a cocktail. Either way, there's time to try something new. And if you can't do something new - then change something current. Re-order you room setup, reorganise your closet, switch up the kitchen or living room. Being stuck in the same environment isn't promisingly healthy and slowly you WILL lose your mind (this isn't a curse) - so switch up, play tricks on your brain. Also, change you toothbrush, towel, sponge and bedding. It's basic, but worth it.

5. Streaming

In the household we have subscription to Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. I cannot understate the escapism you can get from watching others live. Do not feel guilty for starting new shows. Enjoy watching new shows, old shows - catch up on abandoned shows. Share what your watching, live it, tweet it... ENJOY IT.

Tell me what you're up to during the Quarantimes!


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