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Poems: Lockdown I

The Lockdown workshop was a success!! We had 11 active participants and they all came together to develop a piece.

Before I get into it, let me share a few things (truths).

1. I had no idea what the workshop was about. I just knew that I had to bring VerseShop vibes to the workshop. Online sessions are very new to me and I've always had a thing about live cameras. Pre-recordings are fine, but real time? WHEW! So with my nerves, anxiety and no plan - I opened the zoom call.

2. I made a few mistakes. I really wanted to record the session for attendees to view over again - and even myself. I also wanted to curate a playlist which I started doing, but completely missed the opportunity. So I will have to regather the playlist. I'm just happy that it happened. I also chose the wrong time. I have a workshop from 11-3pm on Saturday's so I had to jump out of that for the.

3. I wanna do this again! I 100% HAD FUN. It was great to get into the minds of other peoples and how they are feeling in this lockdown.

Anyway, here's the final piece we created. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I present to you


I’ve lived through an invisible killers’ active spree. I’ve had my freedom taken away from me. I’ve witnessed a global death toll rise faster than yeast. A silent killer named COVID, possessing lungs like a beast. For the first time I’m questioning democracy. For the first time, I’m avoiding intimacy. The fear that I can be the killer’s accomplice, keeps me inside, coughing and sneezing in public now, considered homicide.

All being said, I find warmth in my home. I know it’s a world thing, I’m not in this alone. Family and friend’s are closer while distant. Online content, never been so consistent. I cannot wait to for gyms, bars and interaction to resume. I am so tired of partying over zoom!!! I want to be able to feel the sun on my face. and to see lots of people all in one place.

This poem is brought to you by the attendees of the Lockdown Workshop. Feranmi O, Teni K, Ivie A, Torerra C, Freddie O, Pippa O, Tobi M, Yasmin D, Whitney P and Abbie A. Thank you all for your contributions.

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