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God's Favourite Child

Birthday's are a VERY big deal for me. If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve not not celebrated my birthday in over 20 years. The fact that it's always at the tail end of summer, there’s always a cry for 'rocks' (as the streets call it). This year was very special because I've grown to love life more for what God's doing with me as opposed to what I've deduced as achievements and there was LOTS to celebrate in that light. In addition, Boris Johnson is sending us indoors again, so we had to hit the streets one last time till who knows when.

This year I turned 29, and aside from the fact that my 7 year old me is in shock that I don't have a boyfriend, let alone family, my entire being was filled with unbounded joy - no bad vibes. I was full of love, joy, happiness, emotions and ALL things good.

It started on Tuesday when I had a photo-shoot.

I really wanted to remind everyone that I’m sexy! Lately, I've been getting 'cute', and as I'm nearing the third decade of life, I figured 'grown and sexy' over 'cute'. (Although - two things can be true at once!)

By the time my ACTUAL birthday came, I was so overwhelmed with emotions I could NOT express myself, My family went and got me a whole macbook, plus airpods and more. The present I WANTED AND NEEDED!!!!!!!! I was shocked! The next few hours were spent in EXCITEMENT and BLISS. I was someone's 'God When'. The perfect way to describe the feeling I had and STILL have is 'God's favourite'. I know we joke about these things, BUT - it's legit a feeling. I stood firm in prayer for something and I got it and more!

I could tell you more about the shenanigans of the actual day, but that's not my point because the influx of love from everyone kept me so warm. I always love birthdays and this was my best YET! It was great to celebrate!

The best version of myself, most grateful to God, most content in life and most thankful for family and friends was activated and I honestly cannot see her going anywhere else! I'm literally opening my heart soul and mind up to christ to be used by hom/

Albeit the alcohol, the celebration day was just full of excitement!!! I LOVED my dress, my body in the dress, my sneakers, my cake, the people, the location, the weather - the downright VIBE!!! Everything was perfect!

I'm happy because this birthday allowed me tell my dearest, nearest and closest that I love them! Which I did and will continue to do! I will continue to thank God for surrounding me with the best people life could have to offer!

From the photographer to my folks - they went ALL out and God said his light and ONLY his light will shine through me! There's no room for anxiety or depression here anymore! I’m filled with God's love! His grace and favour are now a part of me.

And me - well I'm sexy.


2 Corinthians 9:15

Here the gift transcends the physical gift of the laptop. It includes the love that God has shown me, through the family and friends he has given me. I cannot express how GRATEFUL I am. This gift is precious beyond words and I know that I will ALWAYS have it, as God's favourite daughter.

I don't think I'll ever stop saying thank you to my family and friends, but more importantly - I will say thank God for you all. Daily. ALL 21 of you - I will take yo9ur names to God and declare that all things concerning you he will place his angels over! As I smile - God will bring you 1 million smiles.

In other news - for the rest of the month, I have challenged myself to write! I hope you'll be back.


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