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Can I hurt ?

Have you ever felt like you've had to brave the pain? You're going through things and crying is not something that you ought to do? Or rather, that you're allowed to do. Well what if I told you that you didn't need permission - well actually you do, but the only person you need permission from is yourself.

Too often we never give way for the tears and emotions; the result. An unexpressive/ emotionally stunted people.

Ever since I gave myself permission to feel and to respond to my feelings, it's felt like I've been able to take control to an extent. I choose when and where I want to cry - I schedule tear sessions and put in place tools to help me feel better. Sometimes the release of the emotions makes me feel less heavy and better positioned to tackle the issue that has brought the tears.

My tears feel less like failure and more like a step in recovery. I'm not saying that crying will take away your problems or pain, no of course not... but it will help you feel less overwhelmed.

Anyway, I wrote about a discussion I had with myself. I gave myself permission to release but it was still a hard questioning. I then asked a lovely audience who attended my debut show 'The Journey' back in 2018. If you would like to see this shoot me a message.

In the meantime, enjoy.

Can I hurt

‘You’re going to be okay’

and a platter of other wishes

I hear them all as I exist

As I battle through my brave

As I tuck away my pain

As I wave the flag of strength

As I wipe my hurt away.

‘Be strong; the advise me

‘It’ll pass’ they promise

It’s life’ they remind me

‘Stop crying’ they insist.

But just for a second

I’d like to remember that I’m human

That my feelings are valid

And my pain is real

I’d like to honour my emotions,

And let the tears flood

I’d like to embrace my hurt

Before I begin to deal

Because the truth is in my tears

That I’ve held back for all these years

And I’ve avoided along with my fears

To fake smiles and joy with my peers

But today I am tired, I give up

Today that façade must drop

All this pretending will only subvert me

So I ask you,

Please ‘Can I hurt?’


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