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Pinch punch

I know I know, it's the second of the month. However it's been just over a week since my show, and I'm finding that I still have to pinch myself to remember that the show actually happened. I made it a reality. A little thing that I had been cooking up and working on for OVER a year - it has come and gone - in GREAT fashion!!

ToniVerse: The Journey was an 'experience', someone said to me. How I didn't cry, I'm not sure. I think I was overwhelmed with excitement really, and yes for those of you that missed it - there will be another one. Sometime next year, not sure when exactly. Try again a month today. (Pictures and videos should be out by then so you will know what you missed)

I'm so thankful to everyone that was involved. I had the most AMAZING team at bay, full of volunteers and friends and they made my vision come to life. And the audience... oh the audience. I LOVE the audience so much, You were all so fun.

I've just done one of those heavy sighs and wide smiles as I've typed that up because I'm still overly elated about the fact that I put on my own show. I fought the spirits of procrastination, I pushed through the doors of self doubt, I conquered the army of nay-sayers and on the 24th November, 2018, I held my first poetry show.

What I learnt from this was 'there's no need to stress'. There were quite a few hiccups in the lead up to the show. They annoyed me, but at some point I remembered hiccups don't mean you stop breathing, they just need you to take control of your breathing. I had to try and remember that it was my show and I needed to take control of things. if something had gone wrong, I had to find a solution, and I did that ALWAYS.

Another thing I leant is how to just take the plunge. There was definitely a trigger in terms of the timing, but remember I'd been planning this show for over 18 months, so when I was triggered, I scrapped all my old plans and started from scratch. I just started. With the name, with the location, with the line up, with everything, I just started, and the further I went, the more things began to fall into place. People, places, times etc.

I used to be a fan of motivational books, and I HATED when they said jump straight into it. Surely you had to have a plan. However, I've grown to realise that taking that leap of faith is vital to movement. In a room full of people standing still, you NEED to jump to be noticed, or dance, or sing, you just have to do something. If you decide to stand still, no one will notice you, and even worse if you decide to sit and wait for something to come to you, no one will see you.

That idea you have, start it.

Or I'll have to give you a pinch and a punch.

(Speaking of punches - That was a great fight last night. Boxing is definitely a sport and a half.)

Anyway, that's it for now, but I'll be back VERY soon, for now - follow me on social media

@Toniverse on Twitter and Instagram.

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