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A shot of 2018...

As with most of the world, I ended 2018 on a reflectory note. I had actually wrapped up the year since November, but I couldn’t skip a chance to make lists, journal, make plans, journal and basically journal.

In doing so, 2018 Felt like a drink. A slow one, that burned at the same time. It allowed me to be a free me, but never clouded my judgment. Never sober nor hungover. The year gave me lessons that I could taste. It had a flavour that I could jot waste. It was the best year yet...

So here it is, 2018..

I want to keep 2018 in a bottle. I want to be able to taste it’s bitter sweet memories

as it provides the remedies to the complications I felt. The tear taught me love, how to receive and give. They year taught me the simplest way to live. The year brought illness, heartache and pain. The year promised that I will love again. So I want to take sips when I am unsure. When I find myself stuck at the door Of opportunities that 2019 presents. And be boosted to a new level of confidence. Because last year taught me never to doubt myself. Last year taught me not to shy way from help. Last year showed me, my numerous capabilities Last year inspired me to be the best version of me So I’ll drink on my down days I’ll use it to toast I’ll drink when my insecurities try to boast When anxiety and self doubt try to step in I’ll grab my hip flask and take a swig I’ll drink to the year that came before I’ll drink in its name and the lessons it taught I’ll drink and I’ll smile while I’m reminiscing. I’ll drink the year itself that was 2018

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