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The beginning (again)

It's funny, this was meant to be a tester post, used to create an aesthetic for the website, but I loved how it looked soo much and thought to keep it. Welcome to ToniVerse! This is one you will here time and time again - it's my 'Hi Guys' equivalent - although I will still probably say 'Hi Guys - Welcome to ToniVerse'.

Anyway, I've put off launching ToniVerse to the world because it's been my personal space for the longest of times. I've never 'hidden' what/who ToniVerse is, but I can say that there were no solid connections to ToniVerse except for poetry. The double entendre that it stood for was elusive to others. Yeah she's a poet, but what really is her world about? No one knew - and I mean absolutely no one, including myself!

I wanted ToniVerse to be the heart of something meaningful - The source, the connection, the plug - I wanted a lot for ToniVerse, and that meant I struggled. I wasn't going to settle for less. It means I still struggle, because how am I supposed to tie all these things together? Then it hit me, I need a platform - and a language. Very aware that people aren't consuming written content as much, (I still love to write, so this blog will exist for as long as possible) my next chosen form of delivery was video. Of course that meant YouTube.... but what would it be about? What was my language? I haven't quite figured out the YouTube thing, but I knew very quickly that I had to identify/create my own space. Poetry is my thing, but is that enough? Not necessarily for my channel, but for the things I want to deliver, for what I want ToniVerse to be.

I decided that Poetry IS enough. Poetry can connect, inspire, heal, teach, encourage, reveal, conceal, share and do so many other things. ToniVerse is a realm in which poetry is the mother tongue. Everything I do will come back to poetry - that is the essence of my world and narrative of my art - that is ToniVerse.

With this my debut video has bout you a ticket into ToniVerse - a poetry workshop - LoveShop. The night seeks to take participants through a worksheet created to aide them in creatively exploring their love. With a wonderful playlist and an intimate venue, the night is guaranteed to take participants through an adventure with tools and prompts allowing them to produce the finest of material. Participants can then choose to have their work adapted into calligraphy and framed (and specially delivered to their Valentine's with a box of chocolates)* There will be performances from my self, a special guest and refreshments. in addition there's prizes to be won. Anyone can get involved.

So head on over to the media page (or YouTube), to watch my first video and come and be a citizen of poetry... it's alright if you don't speak the language. I will teach you.

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